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Advanced Engineering

PERIKIN’s Advanced Engineering Division prides itself on innovative engineering solutions to the most challenging problems.  PERIKIN provides comprehensive Aerospace Test and Evaluation (T&E) services, including ground test, flight test, Modeling & Simulation, and sensor development.  PERIKIN is leading the design and construction of our nation’s most advanced hypersonic test facilities and pioneered repurposing unmanned and remotely piloted aircraft for hypersonic flight test support.  Our team’s experience includes aerodynamic, aerothermal, and propulsion T&E and spans everything from qualification of large commercial turbine engines to development of hypersonic systems.  The Advanced Engineering Division is now expanding to apply its innovative spirit and engineering experience in other sectors, including renewable energy, grid-scale energy storage, and new applications of UAV/RPA operations. 

Strategic Planning,

Program Management

Flight Test

Ground Test

Test Facility Design &


Technology Development

Ground Test

Test and Analysis capabilities include aerodynamics, inlet performance, inlet icing, aero-thermal, aero-optics, gas turbine, ramjet, scramjet propulsion systems, and uncertainty quantification.

Experts in planning, execution, and analysis of aerospace ground tests in continuous flow, blowdown, and shock/expansion wind tunnels; arc jet facilities; sea level/ram and altitude turbine engine test facilities.

Test model and support systems design, Systems Engineering, Instrumentation and Controls, CFD, and heat transfer analysis.

Contract Accomplishments


Fulfilled the DoD Test Resource Management Center’s (TRMC) vision for more agile, capable, affordable hypersonic flight test support.  PERIKIN conceived, and is leading the development and operations, of the SkyRange program.  SkyRange develops new, advanced sensors that are integrated on RQ-4 Global Hawk, MQ-9 Reaper, and other aircraft to improve U.S. hypersonic flight test capability and capacity.

Hypersonic Test Facilities

Working with the TRMC to make dramatic improvements to U.S. hypersonic ground test capabilities.  Led development of the Hypersonic Aerothermal and Propulsion Clean Air Testbed (HAPCAT), the world’s highest temperature, clean air hypersonic test facility.  Currently leading the design and construction of Project Phoenix at AEDC, the world’s largest clean air, true temperature hypersonic test facility.

Flight Test

Planning and execution of hypersonic flight test support including telemetry data collection, multispectral imaging, and high altitude atmospheric lidar measurements.

Flight test support aircraft operations and maintenance including RQ-4 Global Hawk and MQ-9 Reaper aircraft.

Advanced airborne sensor development and aircraft integration.

Strategic Planning,

Program Management

Assist customers in turning their vision into reality.  Strategic planning, Roadmap Development, Acquisition Strategy, Execution.

Professional Program, Project, Contract, Financial, and Information Management.

Technology Development

Management and engineering development of advanced technologies and test techniques for ground test, flight test, modeling & simulation, and sensors & diagnostic systems.

Specializing in facility and instrumentation technologies that can survive and measure ultra high-temperature hypersonic conditions.

Test Facility Design & Construction

Ground test facility design, construction, commissioning, and operation. Specializing in advanced, high-temperature hypersonic test facilities.

Experts in construction planning and management to include Requirements Documents, Life Cycle Sustainment Plans, Military Construction (MILCON) Regulations, Cost Estimation, Scheduling, Logistics, Field Supervision, Safety, Systems Installation, and Commissioning.

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