Improved ground simulation of true air flight environment

PERIKIN has over 10 years of  experience Improving Ground Test Methods, Expanding Test Envelopes, Improving Accuracy and Fidelity

  • Accurate determination engine performance and operability

  • Representative environments for aero-thermal structural and

  • aero-optic testing

  • Validated technologies reduce risk to build full scale test facility


Improved ground simulation of flight inlet distortion


  • Ceramic morphing components for hypersonic ground test facilities

  • Developing direct-connect variable Mach nozzle and distortion duct

  • Ability to replicate flight inlet distortion flow while the Mach number varies continuously in a direct-connect ground test facility

Determine the capability of existing test methods & facilities to evaluate and develop large scale hypersonic propulsion systems


  • Resolve effects on predicted flight performance between different test facility configurations

  • PERIKIN Provides test data correlations between ground test configurations and improved flight test predictions


PERIKIN has extensive experience Improving Aeroheating & Erosion Test Capabilities, Improved Flow Quality, H/S Munitions Dispensing Testing

Improved arc heater design enables test capability for boost-glide systems

  • High enthalpy flow with longer test times

  • Expanded test envelope representative of typical boost glide trajectories

  • Improved electrode design and arc control provides more consistent conditions and longer component life

  • Mid pressure arc heater capability is essential tool in advanced materials characterization and Thermal Protection System (TPS) design.  


State of the art prediction tools for Boundary Layer Transition

  • Correlate BLT results between different test facilities using various vehicle shapes

  • Facility flow noise characterization

  • Defines optimal methods & instrumentation

  • Validates prediction tools and measurements of transition mechanisms

  • Provides an acquisition road map for system development.

  • Develops computational link between ground and flight test BLT predictions



PERIKIN has extensive experience  Improving Mission Assurance and Launch Flexibility, Developing In-Flight  Measurements,   Increasing Data Capture per Flight

Measurement of atmospheric flight conditions for flight tests. Significantly more accurate test data analysis and vehicle performance estimates with low uncertainties and better spatial and temporal resolution


Advancing Modeling and Simulation Capabilities for Hypersonic Test and Evaluation

  • 2D spatial maps of exhaust gas properties from  laser absorption measurements

  • Improved understanding of combustion processes

  • Verification of CFD code predictions, evaluation of turbine and scramjet engine combustion efficiency, performance and operability.



  • Full vehicle simulation capability for transient aero-heating analyses of high-altitude, long  duration flight vehicles

  • Tightly integrated, efficient engineering tool

  • Faster processing times

  • Enables pre/post-flight assessment of hypersonic flight systems' TPS, aero-optical and aero-structural responses 


  • Predict 2nd mode BLT

  • Models crossflow mode BLT

  • Enables physics

  • based 3-D boundary layer transition and stability prediction

  • For use on hypersonic vehicles at angles of attack and yaw

  • Accurately determine the associated effects of heat transfer, drag and ablation on a vehicle


Innovative New Sensors, Improving Accuracy, Increasing Measurement Ranges

High enthalpy skin friction sensor to accurately measure surface shear forces for high speed system development

  • Planning and oversight of technology development and investment projects

  • Preparation of BAA topics - technical assessments of white papers and proposals, drafted technical evaluations for contract awards and helped the Air Force comply with schedule and documentation requirements of the PEO STRI contracting office. 

  • Executing a portfolio of investments including establishment of new hypersonic test facilities, improvements to existing test capabilities, and fielding new instrumentation and modeling and simulation tools. 

  • Earned Value Management and Risk Management 

  • Transition of new technologies to DOD Test Centers

  • Transition of new facilities and test capabilities to receiving DoD test organizations

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