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Hazardous Waste Operations and Spill Support Services

USACE Tulsa District – Prime

Quality Recycling Program (QRP) Support

USACE Albuquerque District – Prime

Renewable Energy Development Environmental Assessment

Holloman AFB USACE Albuquerque District – Prime

Environmental Consulting Services MEGA MATOC

USACE Tulsa District - Prime

Phase I and Limited Phase II Environmental Baseline Study

Holloman USACE Albuquerque District – Prime

Cultural Resources Development of the Archaeological Significance Model Naval Air Weapons Station

Naval Air Weapons Station USACE Tulsa District - Prime



In 22 years of PERIKIN’s leadership managing the Hazardous Waste Facility Support Services at Fort Bliss, the program has not received a single ‘Notice of Violation.’ 

PERIKIN reduced Non-Compliant48-hour pickups by over 500%, generating $1.9M in revenue for the program.

Through various contracts supported by PERIKIN that include Alternative Energy Initiatives and NEPA support, we helped make Fort Bliss Army Base one of two in the United States, Net Zero in Waste and Energy.

PERIKIN’s Quality Recycling Program was the recipient of the Keep America Beautiful  Award – America Recycles Day (Fort Bliss).


PERIKIN provides cost-effective environmental services, advancing a common goal for our clients, and ultimately being good stewards of the environment.  Our unique Hazardous Waste Management Program and innovative Quality Recycling Program’s sustainability efforts have realized millions of dollars in savings for Fort Bliss and created additional revenue streams for Morale Welfare and Recreation (MWR) Programs over the last decade.


NEPA Compliance

Natural and Cultural Resource Management

Hazardous Waste Support

Environmental Compliance

GIS/Remote Sensing

Environmental Assessments

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