Juan Tabo & La Luz Trail Progress

In September 2018, PERIKIN was awarded the NM FTFS 333(1), Juan Tabo & La Luz contract by the Federal Highway Administration to expand the Juan Tabo trail head parking area. The major work elements include roadway excavation, retaining wall construction, culvert installation, aggregate placement, asphalt placement, and minor concrete work. With these renovations/upgrades it gives New Mexico residents and tourists more options to park in one of the city’s top sight-seeing locations.

This project was nominated for ‘Small Project of the Year / Below $5 Million’ with the American Subcontractors Association. The award ceremony will be held July 19th, 2019 to announce the official winner of this category.

Below, are the following progress photos from the project:

Beginning of Project: Our team expanded the size of the parking area for La Luz Trail, while creating a wall out of the boulders found on the project site. These upgrades were completed before the paving and striping began.

Project Completion: The new parking lot has been paved and striped, facility renovations/upgrades were completed, along with a surrounding wall constructed.

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