Our customers have come to rely on our professional support services for a wide range of services.  PERIKIN provides our customers with business, financial, program, and records management to strategic communications, training and investigative support. PERIKIN prides itself on effectively integrating people, processes, and technology to deliver exceptional results.

Using a robust staffing model, we bring in the right people, tools, and processes to plan and execute customers’ missions no matter their size, complexity, or maturity. At PERIKIN we never undervalue the importance of matching the right individuals to meet the needs of our customers.

We integrate sustainable solutions, providing a systematic approach to meet our customer’s long-term goals and mission requirements.

PERIKIN provides Advisory and Assistance services including full lifecycle program support functions, contract management, financial management, research and analysis to develop reports, budget controls and requirements development.   We have the expertise and experience to help guide and support complex customer missions, to devise dynamic strategies, and to drive operational efficiencies.


Program/Project Management

Management Consulting

Acquisition Support

Earned Value Management (EVM)

Life Cycle Management

Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution Processes


 Technical, Financial, and Programmatic Support Services 

Office of Global Material Security, DOE/NNSA – Prime

Technical, Financial, and Programmatic Support Services

Office of Nuclear Smuggling Detection and Deterrence, DOE/NNSA – Prime

Technical Editor Support Services

Office of Safety, Infrastructure, and Operations NA-50, DOE/NNSA – Prime

 Administrative Assistant Services

Office of Civil Rights NA-1.2, DOE/NNSA – Prime

Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) Professional Services Pool Group V, Technology Support Services


Operations, Logistics, and Facility Support Services

Department of State - Prime